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Roderick Storie Solicitors Finance offer a selection of over 30 reputable lenders for all your finance requirements

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COMMERCIAL LAW - We offer services in all aspects of commercial and business law, including: Franchising, conveyancing, commercial leases and litigation.

SMALL BUSINESS ADVICE - When starting a small business, itís often difficult to make sure youíve covered everything. From retail leases to the legal requirements of different types of business enterprises, Roderick Storie Solicitors can give you the advice and assistance you need.

CONVEYANCING - Residential, investment and commercial conveyancing services are available. See our Conveyancing pages on this site for more information on buying or selling your home, or contact us for a quote on fixed price conveyancing. We also offer a convenient, complementary finance service and will offer assistance with the First Home Owners Grant.

COURT APPEARANCES - If you have a court matter youíre not sure about, please seek legal advice well in advance of your court date to ensure you get the best possible assistance. Courts covered include Local, District, Family, Federal Magistrates, Supreme, Land & Environment, High Court and most Tribunals.

CRIMINAL LAW - If youíve been charged with a Criminal offence, itís important to seek good legal advice. Roderick Storie Solicitors are experienced in all aspects of Criminal Law, including court appearances.

DEBT RECOVERY - do you have a debt outstanding? Many businesses have ďproblemĒ accounts which never seem to be paid. Roderick Storie Solicitors offer a complete Debt Recovery service, for one off matters or as an ongoing service.

FAMILY LAW - Unfortunately, relationships sometimes end leaving many issues unresolved. Property and children the two major issues which really require independent intervention. Roderick Storie Solicitors offer a comprehensive Family Law and Defacto Relationships service, including mediation and Childrens Advocacy.

LITIGATION - Whether youíre pursuing a claim for property damages or fighting a major Supreme Court battle, Roderick Storie Solicitors offer a comprehensive litigation service for all matters.

PERSONAL INJURY - Injuries sometimes happen as a result of an accident or negligence. If you need to find out where you stand, contact Roderick Storie Solicitors for an appointment.

PROBATE - Probate is an order of the court stating that a Will is valid and that the Executor has the right to administer the estate. When applying for probate, certain documents need to be completed and evidence provided to the court. If you are the Executor of a Will, you may need legal advice in completing probate and administering the estate. Roderick Storie Solicitors offer a complete probate service.

TRAFFIC MATTERS - If youíve been charged with Drink Driving, Reckless Driving or any other Traffic Offence, you should consult a legal professional before going to court. Many traffic offences carry severe penalties, including disqualification, fines and incarceration. Roderick Storie Solicitors can advise you and attend court with you if necessary. Please be aware that Legal Aid is not available for most traffic matters.

WILLS - Making a Will is often a distressing thing to do, however it can be even more distressing for those left behind if you donít make your wishes known. If you have children under the age of 18, making a Will is even more important. See the Wills page on this site for more information or contact us to arrange an appointment or quotation for your Will.

WORKERS COMPENSATION - Workplace injuries are commonplace and ensuring that your best interests are upheld can be a complicated process. Contact us for an appointment.

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